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22.10.2021 By Brataxe 1

Primary evidence for dark matter comes from calculations showing that many galaxies would fly apart, or that they would not have formed or would not move as. Dark matter makes up about 27%. The rest - everything on Earth, everything ever observed with all of our instruments, all normal matter - adds up to less. 2.) Dark matter must be cold in nature. In theory, whatever (hitherto undiscovered) particle is responsible for dark matter could have any mass. The top contenders — WIMPs, axions and sterile neutrinos — are all postulated as indivisible, elementary particles. SIMPs, on the other hand. A simulation of the dark matter distribution in the universe billion years According to such ideas, there are multiple forms of gravity, and the. Abstract: An overview is given of various dark matter candidates. Among the many suggestions given in the literature, axions, inert Higgs doublet. Different EoSs are constructed for the various cases of fermionic and bosonic DM. These EoSs are solved for selected properties of the DM. But this “cold dark matter” might actually be a mixture of different particles. It could be made of weakly interacting massive particles;. Researchers are building a new dark matter experiment, substance that accounts for about 85 percent of all matter in the universe. Many of these experiments look for Weakly Interacting Massive Particles, or WIMPs. Others search for a particle called the axion, a theoretical neutral particle.

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